Our Customers

Many of our existing clients are long-standing clients who believe in the knowledge we have, our capabilities and what we are able to deliver.

To provide an idea of the breadth and depth at which STC Systems Sdn Bhd operates, the following shows a list of the types of buildings and the types of clients, past and present:

  • Residential buildings — i.e. Apartment, Condominium, Duplex, Villa, Bungalow, Townhouse, Nursing home

  • Commercial buildings — i.e. Hotel, Clubhouse, Shopping complex

  • Educational buildings — i.e. Schools, College, Universities

  • Light industrial buildings — i.e. Forwarding/logistics companies

  • Heavy industrial buildings — i.e. Power station, Manufacturing/process plants, Factories

  • Government buildings

  • Agricultural buildings — i.e. Birds nest farmhouse, Fish farms

  • Religious buildings — i.e. Temples, Chapels, Monastery

  • Hospitality buildings — i.e. Clinics, Hospitals, Medical institutions

  • Infrastructure — i.e. Data centres

  • Others — i.e. Jetty, Community halls, Department stores, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Workshops, Car parks

For more information, please visit our FAQs section.

Disclaimer: Customer details are withheld for confidentiality.

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